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Eddie Hallam

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It is evident from Eddie Hallam's stunning collection of sculptures how he has been inspired by a life-time's passion for nature and wildlife, as well as a love of art.

Each of Eddie's life-size sculptures are based on his own personal observations and field sketches, even going so far as to spend a month alone on the remote and uninhabited Scottish islands of St Kilda observing and sketching the seabird colonies there .....

"I can recall my observations down to the minutist detail and all that goes into capturing the essence of my wildlife creations."

Billing Pair of Puffins

Born in Sheffield, it was during fishing trips to the countryside with his father that Eddie first discovered his interest in wildlife, preferring to explore the nearby fields, banks and woods to the fishing. His hero, naturalist and artist Sir Peter Scott was a great influence which led Eddie to Chester Zoo as assistant curator, and in turn inspired him to open his own wildlife park at Riber Castle, Derbyshire.

As a mature student whilst studying for a biology degree, Eddie was able to combine his love of art and interest in science. It was during this time that he discovered wood carving, enjoying the creativity and tactility that three dimensional design offered. An introduction to bronze came about after a client requested to have Eddie's delicate carving of an Avocet cast in bronze to make it more durable. Eddie took to the medium immediately especially as it allowed him the freedom to capture so much more movement and feel of each subject.

Eddie's sculptures are in high demand both nationally and internationally.
If you would like further details about any of the pieces please contact
Made in Bronze.

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Michael Simpson studied fine art at Staffordshire Polytechnic. The traditions of his home town Stoke-on-Trent inspired his love for sculpture. He produces accurate and detailed studies of many subjects including wildlife and the female form. Michael models in clay in preference to wax, for the freedom that it offers.


Michael's wildlife sculptures, part of the Richard Cooper & Company collection, are available through Made in Bronze. Please contact us to request the latest brochure.

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"Lachine" Limited EditionBridget Tempest from the Yorkshire Dales is a painter, printmaker and sculptor whose love of Turkmenistan's Akhal Teke horses is evident in much of her work. The discipline of anatomical drawings characterise her unusual and original work.
Bridget studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing, University of Oxford, and later completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art, London. She has been a visiting lecturer and tutor at numerous colleges.

More recently Bridget has set up a Stone Lithography Department at the State Art Academy, Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and has researched a Cultural Directory for Turkmenistan for the British Embassy.

Hare Etching by Bridget Tempest
Bridget has travelled widely in her studies and as a visiting artist including the UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, Peru and Turkmenistan. She has work in numerous public and private collections.




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Tom was born in Edinburgh and attended Leith Academy.  He then served a 5 year apprenticeship, qualifying as a Master mould-maker with A.W. Buchan. Tom has lived in the Scottish Highlands since 1968 and now lives within the Cairngorm National Park where he has been able to study the Red Deer which he loves sculpting.

Labrador Sitting by Tom Mackie


Tom has made models since he was 5 years old and it is his love of wildlife that inspired him to make sculptures professionally. As well as sculpting the wildlife of many countries, he has also modelled a wide range of subjects, from sport and countryside figures to almost every breed of dog.

Tom has a natural talent and has developed his own special techniques for modelling sculptures which are incredibly detailed and lifelike. It is his attention to detail and the ability to capture the characteristics of each subject that gives his sculptures such wonderful action and makes them unique.

Tom's Labrador Sitting and Labrador Alert sculptures are exclusive to Made in Bronze. Tom has recently sculpted a Springer Spaniel also exclusive to Made in Bronze. See the Dogs and Hounds page for more details.

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