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T.E. Lawrence Centenary Commemorative Medal

T.E. Lawrence Commemorative Medal

This medal was commissioned by Brian Walsh in 1988 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of T.E. Lawrence (1888 - 1935).

Price £250

The limited edition medal (edition of 500), designed and cast in bronze by Jacqueline Stieger is in the form of a miniature book and is in reality a small sculpture, 56mm x 48mm. The form of a conventional portrait medal was completely disregarded by the sculptor, adding a new dimension to the "art medal".

In 'The Medal' (Spring 2000) Terence Mullaly describes this medal as 'one of the twenty key medals for the second half of the twentieth century, which breaks the bounds of the conventional portrait medal'.

T.E. Lawrence Commemorative Medal
Front and reverse of medal

The T.E. Lawrence Medal
(1988 Malcom Cook, art historian)

T.E. Lawrence, who caught the imagination of the nation and the interest of the world first by his early military exploits and secondly by his untimely death, and is a household name as 'Lawrence of Arabia', also was a complex personality and highly gifted in many ways. One of the intentions of this medal is to condense some of that changeability and range of experience in an original and fitting form. As Jacqueline Stieger says.....

'....the main image shows Lawrence in his legendary role giving a frame of reference, identifying him and within which is placed clues to his other activities. The 'other man' inside is collaged from a mosaic of snippets to suggest all the things he did, or was. These pieces include 'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom', R.A.F Ross, Shaw, 'Odyssey', Homer, The Letters and the place name of his last residence... Clouds Hill. His aliases, his work as a classical and archaeological scholar and his political power are established within the form, in the shadow and obliquely perceivable, as the man himself....".

The rectangular frame is that of a book, he is it's cover, gives it it's form and substance. The leaves are parted to show more text, and the reverse of the medal, the back of the book, is a metal slab, unadorned in true monumental tradition, carrying his name and lifespan above and below a central image which poetically merges the transience of cloud forms, the power of the motor bike, his Brough 'Superior' on which he died, and the sensations of speed and elusiveness which he treasured in his practices.


T.E. Lawrence Commemorative Medal


Jacqueline Stieger

Jacqueline Stieger, renowned internationally as a sculptor, jeweller and medallist, studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and in 1959 received the Royal Scottish Academy Award. Most of her pieces are cast in gold silver or bronze, using the lost wax technique. The scale of her work varies from large pieces of sculpture to small intricate jewellery, ranging from public commissions, work for universities and churches, to private commissions for individual clients. She does most of her own casting , a part of the making process which fascinates her, and the continuous path of creating forms with drawing, modelling and materials, which fit their context, is the challenge that forms the basis of her work.


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